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Carbide Circular Saw Blades maintenance, use and maintenance of common sense

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A carbide circular saw blades and alloy head has a sharp edge-sensitive, so the movement of the blade, installation and removal process, you must be careful to protect alloy head from injury.

2 Regularly check the machine spindle runout ( 0.02mm), and swing ( 0.01mm).

3 blade must be removed before installation flange on the spindle and debris. Flange surface should be smooth, clean and axes are mutually perpendicular.

4 Use the largest possible blade flange makes more stable operation, flange size should be consistent with the size of the blade flange diameter of 1/3 (thin blade flange should adopt 1/2D ) Sawing better (especially thin blade).

5 blade should be installed after a smooth idle 30 seconds, if everything is OK before you start cutting work.

6 blade flange nut during installation must be elastic medium, too loose in the rotating cutting blade will slip, too tight or deformed saw blades have internal injuries affecting cutting performance.

7 before cutting blade operator must take a good protective equipment (safety glasses, dust masks, helmets, protective gloves) and check the saw guard is intact.

8 of the following circumstances, the need for timely grinding

          a) no longer meets the quality requirements sawing b) When the machine significantly increases energy consumption

          c) the cutting edge of a clear material, when population explosion d) when the alloy edge wear reaches 0.2mm

      Grinding time is very important, because it is not a sharp blade at work, saw the body may have a fever, also causing the motor load is too large, reduce the life of the blade. Shall be grinding at the time to continue cutting, cutting every 10% increase in volume, will bring an additional 50% of the alloy damage and shorten the life of saw blade.

9 must be cleared regularly serrated and saw gathered at the side of the resin plate, debris and other debris, because the adhesive material constantly accumulated, the resistance will increase, resulting in high energy consumption (in extreme cases, can cause the machine motor burned) and rough cutting quality. If both cutting edge is blunt, it may cause damage to teeth.

10 Avoid using aggressive cleaning solvents, long blade when not in use, should be cleaned sharpening, buy oil for rust treatment, and in its original carton and then properly placed within

 11 using sophisticated, stable, vibration-sharpening machines, and suitable diamond wheel. Accordance with the prescribed procedures to repair the running head of gold, will extend the life of the blade, do not use hand-operated grinding equipment.

    Sharpening the attention in strict accordance with specifications Plains BLOG sample geometry designed to grinding.

    Please refer to the following selected diamond wheel

      a) the proposed use of a wet grinding (emulsion coolant) b) suggest feedrate 1-2mm / s

      c) above must be used D500 Head and fully automatic machine grinding wheel, otherwise this will cause damage to teeth

      d) When conditions permit, it is recommended both before and after the grinding angle.

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