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Carbide saw blades and Operation Guide Transportation

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First, the transport and storage
        Carbide saw blades in the transport and storage process, should be carried out to maintain the original packaging to avoid damage. Since carbide saw blade is extremely sharp, so the use of or
Transport should be protected to avoid being scratched blade. When stored dry storage environment must be guaranteed, and should avoid other possible factors for blade damage.

Second, the operation using the
       1, the operator should use the necessary safety shields, to avoid accidents.
       2 before using circular saw blades for inspection, if found significant blade can not be clearly discernable or other, affect the safe use should immediately stop using, such as: Discover blade cracks,
             Deformation or other security factors; pending professionals check that you can use to use. Please use clean sharp blades.
       3, refer to the device manufacturer's manual, operating instructions must be strictly in accordance with the proper installation and use of the blade; must strictly respect through the blade and the safe use of equipment rules; cutting
             Before the blade is securely installed. Not be used during installation and impact the way beat locking blades.
       4, the correct use of the locking harmonize the blade flange diameter, flanges should be less than one-third of the blade to avoid unbalanced blade during use.
       5, in the non-mechanical feeding method using climb milling machining can not add, to avoid danger. Must be properly specified equipment in accordance with the direction of rotation blade and install.
       6, carbide saw blades can be used to match the equipment used, carbide saw blade can not be used to cut cement sandy material, unless otherwise stated.
       7, the blade is less than the normal speed of progress Do not be cut, the blade speed can not exceed the maximum allowable value and must strictly respect through equipment equipment manufacturer's instructions.
       8, requires the use of adjustable ring, adjustable ring must be firmly bonded to the saw body, and can not be higher than the adjustable ring side saw the body, to ensure that even after installing adjustable ring mounted blade clamp mounted safety
       Solid; adjustable diameter of the ring must be sufficiently large to Yasumasa good cooperation with the blade, without changing the center of the blade.
       9, running before the device must be clean out all extraneous items, non-related personnel should stay away from this area, can not touch the blade during operation of other tools, installation tools or equipment parts,
       Should ensure that all unsafe factors have been ruled out.
     10, equipment operation throughout the process must be someone on duty.
     11, the workpiece, carefully check all parts, ensure that the workpiece is no impurities.

Third, the maintenance
       A saw blade use for some time should always check and grinding.
       2, when the thickness is less than 1mm serrated, the blade should not continue to use.
       3, grinding blades, must be trained professionals.
       4, for the repair of the blade, the blade prohibit any design changes.
       5, do not use should pay attention to maintenance.

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