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Saw 30 years of development

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Saw in the origin and development of our country has a long history. First saw in the Stone Age, the use made of stone. Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty to have appeared saws made of bronze, dating back more than 3,000 years of history. Saw people's lives and production indispensable tool, it is a modern industrial saw teeth, it appears to accelerate the pace of progress of mankind, to promote high-tech industries.
1953 German invented the world's first a circular saw blade, the European has become circular saw blades, diamond saw blade alloy saw blade and the main production base, they account for a large share of the high-end market, dominated the world saw development of the industry. High-grade circular saw blade is mainly produced in Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries. As backward production technology and production equipment, production and other developing countries are mainly middle and low product. With the development of industrialization, the industrial countries in the blade manufacturing developed rapidly, particularly mechanical blade used to lead the world. Scale production of modern sawing industry started late, the early 1950s began to appear domestic manufacturer of circular saw blade, when the blade is not alloys, mainly used in the forestry and wood processing industry, production technology and scale can not be compared with the developed countries. Because specific social reasons, our industry in that era saw the development of extremely slow, technical team not grow, the level of production is not improved, then sawing industry is the low level of repetitive production, resulting in imports of the blade market is almost products to capture, especially alloy saw long rely on imports.
After the reforms, the world saw blade manufacturing began shifting to Asia, to the mid-1990s, as the collective economy and private economy booming, China's sawing industry has also embarked on a path of rapid development, an annual growth rate of the industry are about 30%. Woodworking products from a single blade developed to multi-purpose, multi-function, multi-family, multi-species blade system, like carbide saw blades, diamond saw blade, garden saw blades in infrastructure, agriculture, gardening, construction and and other areas of life plays an important role. After three decades of reform and opening up, many domestic industries, such as furniture, aluminum products, building materials, plastics, electronics went out into the world, this historic opportunity to bring to the sawing industry, our products not only meet the increasingly saw a huge domestic market , a considerable part of the export to the international market and power tools supporting the market. After 30 years of hard work, our sawing industry from a weak foundation, backward technology, low production now developed into the largest country in the world saw production, China has the world's gold and diamond saw blade largest production base.
Over the years of development, China saw production enterprises in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei, Hubei and Shandong and other provinces formed a gathering area, have emerged a number of "production base" and "hardware village." Danyang saw blade production after 20 years of development, now has 79 manufacturing enterprises, in 2006 a total production of various kinds of Danyang saw 50 million, accounting for the total production of the blade is 1/3, achieved total sales of nearly 1.5 billion Yuan, Danyang has become the country's largest production base of middle and low blade, emerged a group of more excellent SMEs. Yongkang is the famous "Hardware." Yongkang hardware industry is a pillar industry, the city has more than 10,000 hardware and machinery companies, products include machinery, hardware, decoration hardware, architectural hardware, tools, hardware, etc. more than 10,000 kinds of varieties, including the country's total export volume of saw blade 1/3. Radiation domestic product and Russia, the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and other 50 countries and regions.
Technological advances and new technologies to promote the Chinese saw the production industry. In 1961, China's first ruby ​​laser was successfully developed, after a few years, the rapid development of laser technology, resulting in a number of advanced achievements. Various types of solid, gas, semiconductor and chemical lasers have been successfully developed. Meanwhile, as with high brightness, high directivity, high-quality and other outstanding features of the new light source, laser technology will soon be applied to various fields, showing strong vitality and competitiveness. Since reform and opening, laser technology was an unprecedented development opportunities. 30 years, China in the development of high-power lasers has made great achievements, the developed laser power has been reached and exceeded ten thousand watts, forming a laser welding, cutting, drilling, surface treatment, cladding, rapid prototyping direct molding process lithography dozen applications in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, railway, shipbuilding and other industries widely used. Laser production of the blade cutting the substrate, surface grinding, head of the welding, cutting, etc. silencer slots and more widely, its precision cutting and soldering fastness are unmatched by traditional process, greatly improving the product quality and production efficiency. Currently there are hot pick welding technology welding, high frequency welding and laser welding, laser welding technology which is currently the saw blade welding industry export processing basic standards.
Carbide since 1923 as an important tool and structural materials inception, has more than 80 years of history. The late 1960s, the West German Krupp company successfully developed a coated cemented carbide, carbide production of its appearance is a major advance in technology. The chemical vapor deposition method, the conventional carbide inserts coated with a thin layer of hard compounds (such as TiC, TiN, etc.) and the resulting coating blade at high speed cutting of cast iron and steel, it can than uncoated carbide blade life increased several times, and the cutting speed can be increased by 25 to 30%, so it soon gained wide industrial applications. Currently sold in the world indexable There are about a half using coated carbide. With the development of science and technology, more and more widespread use of carbide, carbide people increasingly high performance requirements. Carbide products are toward precision, miniaturization direction, there has been micro twist drill, pin dot matrix printing, precision tooling and other high-tech products. Dimensional precision cutting tools are increasingly high requirements. Sawing industry is a major consumer of hard materials industry, saw the growth and development of the industry and hard materials are inseparable, with hard materials to improve the quality, efficiency and cutting blade quality increases.
Use a saw blade grinding is a very important part of the saw blade grinding directly determine the quality of the blade. Our approach is the use of grinding one of the oldest countries in the ancient science masterpiece, "Heavenly Creations" in there "cut, consultation, cut, grind," the words, including "grinding" refers to grinding. The past 30 years, China has improved the precision grinder, grinding to improve the degree of automation, the development of high-speed grinding, improve accuracy and finish, superhard abrasives and achieved a series of results, varieties becoming more diverse, specialized and increasingly competitive . In recent years, in addition to ultra-precision grinding, high efficiency and super abrasive direction, the automatic grinding technology development is one important direction. Many domestic enterprises developed a special equipment for saw blade grinding - saw blade grinding machine, according to the degree of automation is divided into semi-automated and fully automated saw blade grinding machine; side can be classified according to the purpose saw blade grinding machine, saw blade grinding tip machines. Saw blade grinding machine appeared to accelerate the pace of the blade production automation, saving manpower, improve production efficiency and product quality steadily.
Blade is a comprehensive metalworking and machining each process technology products, high technology content. Improve product quality, increase product added value, creating brand is our sawing industry trends. While production in the top position of the blade, but most are middle and low blade, production is still in manual, semi-automated stage, is a labor-intensive industries. Saw our product quality compared with developed countries there is a great gap in the international market competitiveness is not strong enough. Therefore, to conduct in-depth product development and technological innovation, improve production efficiency and product value-added technology to improve our blade product competitiveness in the international arena. Some companies less money, production technology is imperfect, many processes using manual operation, which not only increases the personnel costs, management costs, is not conducive to product quality and stability. Replaced with a semi-automated production equipment technology equipment, or even manual operation, is the sawing industry development direction. Such as using mobile phones instead of automatic welding machine welding gear teeth, in terms of efficiency and quality will be greatly improved, instead of semi-automatic grinding machine grinding machine and so on, a lot of the increased use of automation equipment technological content of products, the liberation of the productive forces, promoted the sawing industry development.
Blade production is the composite of multiple technologies, sawing industry for steel, carbide and other materials have yet to be research and development, the development of industry in our country saw a lot of related technology will gradually improve. Laser technology will play an active role in the saw blade, now there are many companies choose a laser welding machine and laser cutting machine, this technique has the advantage of high precision, less wear and tear. High precision grinding machine is used in a growing number of blade production, now with a lot of lack of precision grinding machines, in order to improve product quality will lead to domestic production of grinding machine business improvement techniques to improve the precision grinding machines, saw blade manufacturers to meet requirements, some companies will import precision grinding machines.
China's current production of the saw blade in the international arena are affordable products, products with low added value, export enterprises advantage is low price, the amount of accumulated profits. This phenomenon will be changed, and now more and more enterprises attach importance to product quality, improve product quality to a strategic position, there are no generic companies set up their own R & D team.
China saw industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, experienced ups and downs, still a long way behind, we believe that China Saw will come in the world!
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