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The primary stage of automated production still need to improve metal mold

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The past 10 years, China's mold industry has maintained fast development momentum. Future, the domestic mold products will be towards a more sophisticated, complex, larger die size, shorter manufacturing cycle aspects of development, mold manufacturing technology will better reflect the information technology, digital, fine, high-speed, automated.
Mould Manufacturing industry in product manufacturing system occupies a special position, its level of development determines the overall level of manufacturing. Edit analysts pointed out that during the second five, China's strategic emerging industries intelligent mold manufacturing equipment development objective is the development of intelligent mold to boost efficiency, precision, high-performance molds improve the overall level to meet the matching requirements to drive intelligent manufacturing mold as the strategic emerging industries to improve the overall level of service, so that the level of intelligent mold has been greatly enhanced, as China's mold industry to mold into the world powers in 2020 to lay a solid foundation.

The specific objectives are: first, to an intelligent mold as the main representative of the high precision, high levels of mold, long-term goal is to reach the international advanced level, twelve five final first level of mold can basically make intelligent meet intelligent manufacturing needs. Second, an intelligent mold as the main representative of the efficient, precise, high-performance molds mold proportion of the total accounted for approximately 35% from the current to reach the end of the second five more than 40%, thus achieving more than 50% of the long-term goal . Third, continue to reduce mold production cycle, improve die life and stability, the first end of the production cycle reaches twelve five than it is now reduced by 20% to 30%, the service life than it is now increased by 20% to 30%, with mold manufacturing fine to improve the reliability and stability. Fourth, we must continuously improve the digitization level of information. Twelfth Five-Year period to make production efficient, precise, high-performance enterprise basically mold CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM integration, and over 40% of the basic realization of enterprise information management. Fifth, mold automated production is important direction of development, is still in trial practice phase, ending strive to twelve five more than five die mold companies can achieve automated production and intelligent network in the mold manufacturing technology and management aspects major breakthrough.

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