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How to achieve multi-piece alloy saw blade for optimal performance?

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In order to play their best round alloy saw blade performance, must strictly observe the following points:
(1) The machine should have a good performance, no vibration.
(2) France blue plate diameter size should be consistent with the diameter of the blade is about 1/3 (Figure 1).
(3) France blue plate with the blade surfaces in contact with the vertical centerline of the hole.
(4) The gasket should be parallel end faces perpendicular to the centerline of the hole (Figure 2).
(5) Saw spindle runout straightness and definitely not super bad, spindle diameter does not exceed the tolerance H7 (Figure 3).
(6) multi-chip saw blade is installed before the first clean, if the blade body sticky with resin, needed thinner wipe away, and saw themselves coated with a protective layer, then wipe off with hot water can, avoid the use of corrosion solvent (Figure 2).
(7) If the blades are insensitive, it shall forthwith grinding, taking care to keep the original serrated cutting angle.
(8) grinding not only to choose a suitable diamond grinding wheel, while also using coolant.
(9) recommends no more than the original blade reamer hole 20 mm, otherwise it will cause loss of Zhang, the blade cutting effect will be affected. Figure (4)
(10) Each installation must ensure that France blue plate and gasket clean and smooth.
(11) After grinding angle and saw the body when you do be careful not to manual operation, can cause jagged fragments and saw the body imbalance.
(12) gang saw the installation, be careful iron rack and feed chamber must show the same level.
(13) To check before cutting blade is installed fastened to prevent displacement of the shaft and the blade slipping.

1 blade if not used immediately, it should be flat or use the hole to hang up, the blade can not be stacked horizontally with other items or foot, and pay attention to moisture and corrosion.

(2) When the blade is no longer sharp cutting surface roughness must be promptly re-grinding. Grinding can not change the original angle, and destruction balancing.

3 blade diameter correction, positioning hole machining, etc., must be carried out by the factory. If the processing is bad, will affect the product effect, and may be dangerous, reaming in principle can not exceed the original diameter 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress.

4 of alloy wheel selection.

1) resin bond diamond grinding wheel bond strength is weak, it can be self-sharpening, grinding, good, easy to plug, grinding, high efficiency, small grinding force, low grinding temperature, the disadvantage is poor wear resistance, abrasive wear and tear , it is not suitable for heavy duty grinding.

2) vitrified diamond grinding wheel wear resistance and superior binding capacity of the resin binder, cutting sharp blade alloy grinding efficiency, easy fever and congestion, thermal expansion less easy to control precision surface grinding coarse shortcomings, higher cost.

3) metal-bonded diamond wheels combined with high strength, wear resistance, low wear, long life, grinding, low cost, can withstand a greater load, but sharp poor, easy to plug.

4) abrasive particle size on the grinding wheel cutting the amount of blockage and have a certain influence, coarse sand and fine sand compared to the depth of cut large abrasive cutting edge wear increases, whereas wheel easy to plug.

5) Wheel hardness greater impact on congestion, high hardness, high thermal conductivity wheel is not conducive to surface cooling, but is conducive to improve the precision and durability.

6) Wheel selection is an important characteristic concentration, its grinding efficiency and processing costs have a significant impact, affect the efficiency of the concentration is too low, whereas abrasive easy to fall off, but the best combination of optimum concentration range.

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